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Creatures covered in writhing tentacles, the Oankali had saved every surviving human from a dying, ruined Earth.

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They healed the planet, cured cancer, Deadly Trust. A village on the outskirts of Kigali has become home to widows. They are still grappling with the loss of their husbands in Rwanda's genocide 25 years ago. DW's Isaac Mugabi spoke to the women. Florentine Mukakamari's husband was on a list of people who were supposed to be killed. He was a Tutsi and died during the Rwandan genocide 25 years ago. After he was gone, Mukakamari found herself alone and suddenly the breadwinner, caring for their three-month-old baby.

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Promoting strength through unity, the non-profit was established the year following the genocide to help widows "successfully deal with their common challenges. For Mukakamari, the community-based approach to rebuilding their lives was just as much about rebuilding trust with neighbors as it was about dealing with grief and depression. Read more: Opinion: Deadly effects of Rwandan genocide still felt today.

Tensions between Rwanda's Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups date back decades, if not centuries.

As late as the 15th century, Tutsis were historically the aristocratic minority in the regions now belonging to modern-day Rwanda and Burundi; German and Belgian colonizers later reinforced this power divide by touting them as racially superior to Hutus. Attempts by Tutsi militias to wrest power away from the Hutu government over several decades failed. When the Rwandan president was shot down over Kigali on April 6, , Hutu extremists used the moment to take revenge: They called on citizens to murder their Tutsi neighbors.

Many genocide widows continue to rebuild the broken bonds that once held communities together. When it comes to matters of the heart, some have found love again, while others have chosen to remain single.

Mukamunana Veridian, mother of four, still hasn't come to terms with losing her husband in such a brutal manner. Florentine has forgiven her husband's killers. She no longer sees Hutus or Tutsis. Her words echo the official government line. In reaction to the genocide, the government adopted a mantra of reconciliation and unity through one Rwandan identity.

Trumpeting or exalting one's ethnicity can be seen as an assault on the country's very existence. Even though widows like Florentine have come a long way, she says, "there's still a long way to reconciliation. It was one of the worst genocides of modern history. Twenty-five years ago, a day campaign of ethnic cleansing turned Rwanda into a vast execution ground.

How has this affected the country's youth? The country will mark the deaths of , people with a candlelight vigil in a stadium that once sheltered victims. Few countries have more women in politics than Rwanda. They make up 60 percent of the lawmakers, 50 percent of the cabinet and half of the supreme court judges.

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But how much influence does this translate into? The Rwandan genocide began 25 years ago. However, the deadly repercussions are still being felt.