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The most student-focused approach, providing ideal coverage for short, foundational courses at European law schools. A rigorous and contemporary approach to public international law, supported by engaging and thought-provoking learning features. A unique and comprehensive overview on the numerous international rules governing migration, this book brings together and analyses the disparate norms and treaties within international and European law.

It is a critical study of the role of international law in regulating the movement of persons, offering an ideal introduction to the field. An authoritative and diverse collection of critical perspectives from the leading scholars in the field. The most straightforward textbook on international human rights law: broad in scope, concise in approach.

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Oxford Handbooks in Law. The Oxford Handbook of Financial Regulation is the first comprehensive, state of the art survey of the nature and function of financial regulation. Written by an international team of leading scholars in the field, it takes a contextual and comparative approach to examine scholarly, policy, and regulatory developments in the past three decades. The new edition of this well-established and highly regarded work has been fully updated to encompass the major changes and developments in the law.

The book is invaluable for the practitioner as well as being one of the leading students' textbooks in the field.

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Very Short Introductions. In the wake of the Eurozone crisis and Brexit the European Union faces difficult questions about its future. In this debate, the law has a central role to play. But what exactly is EU law about? And why do its Member States respect the commitments they made when they signed the treaties so much more effectively than other treaty-based regimes?

Written by experts in the field, this textbook provides a comprehensive overview of international climate change law. Oxford International Law Library. International Criminal Law presents a full and systematic overview of the field, placing it in the context of wider international law.

It offers a high-level, analytical examination with particular reference to the concept of an international crime and the role of domestic courts in prosecuting international crimes.

By providing an overview of the different theoretical approaches to and perspectives on international law, this book takes readers through fourteen of the most important theories of international law, explaining their origins, core components, and the influence they have had.

An easily accessible and comprehensive study of the International Court of Justice, this book succinctly explains all aspects of the world's most important court, including an overview of its composition and operation, jurisdiction, procedure, and the nature and impact of its judgments. Offers students the most comprehensive, relevant, and engaging companion by drawing on international sources and placing the law directly in the context of contemporary debate. This fully updated new edition provides insight into the legal framework of international economic relations.

This way all countries got something of equal value out of the trade.

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This was a difficult thing to do since every country has a different economy size. This led to the Trade Expansion act of This arguably has had a negative impact on access to essential medicines in some nations such as less developed countries, as the local economy is not as capable of producing more technical products such as pharmaceuticals.

Cross-border operations are subject to taxation by more than one country. Commercial activity that occurs among several jurisdictions or countries is called a cross-border transaction.

  • Joint Adventure (Conte Krimi) (German Edition).
  • A Musical Pilgrimage (Polonaise in G minor);
  • Il vero codice di Nostradamus (Italian Edition).

Those involved in any international business development or international trade should be knowledgeable in tax law , as every country enforces different laws on foreign businesses. International tax planning ensures that cross-border businesses stay tax compliant and avoid or lessen double taxation. Most prominent in the area of dispute settlement in international trade law is the WTO dispute settlement system. The WTO dispute settlement body is operational since and has been very active since then with cases in the time between 1 January and 1 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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