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Model prediction of future drinking as measured with receiver operating characteristics area under the curve was above 0.

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The results of this study indicate that the logistic regression model developed herein is capable of predicting future drinking in this experimental paradigm. We hypothesize that the observable variables that were found to significantly influence drinking reflect a latent motivation variable that is not directly observable in the animal behavior, but that influences the decision to drink. Future studies will attempt to identify a latent motivation variable and analyze neural encoding of those factors that are predictive of drinking.

Maggio, J. Beckmann, M. Saunders, M. Prendergast, R. Bell, K. Nixon, M. There was no significant change in water consumption as the price of nicotine increased. Results also showed that increases in the relative price of nicotine eventually shifted preference from nicotine to EtOH. The popularity of alcohol coupled with growing acceptance of marijuana creates avenues for their simultaneous use and abuse.

Body weight was unaffected by either voluntary alcohol or the different doses of THC. Alcohol, THC or the combination of both did not elicit behavioral deficits in the Barnes maze. Additionally, abstinence from both drugs was not associated with behavioral anhedonia measured by repeated sucrose preference tests. Adjustments to the concentration of THC and volume of dough were made across days to increase the dose of THC available. Water intake was higher in mice receiving THC dough, but only when dough access preceded water access.

EtOH intake increased across days and was similar in all groups but was lower when followed by access to THC dough. While the use of alcohol or THC produced divergent effects on locomotor activity, their combined use produced an intermediate effect, suggesting interaction. Nicotine and alcohol use disorders are highly comorbid, suggesting that overlapping processes likely work together to facilitate ongoing drug use. Rats then continued training, but were given either nicotine 0.

Nicotine and alcohol are the two most commonly abused drugs in the United States. Nicotine increases responding for other reinforcers, likely by augmenting valuation. Data were fit to various multilevel models to find the best fitting model. The best fitting model included session, phase, group, and the interactions between these variables as fixed effects, with phase and subject as random effects. Male and female Long Evans rats were trained with nicotine 0.

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Following extinction there was a reinstatement test in which rats received a nicotine or saline injection prior to the session no alcohol was available. The nicotine history did not impact alcohol SA or extinction in either group. On the reinstatement test, nicotine promoted alcohol seeking behavior in the males, but not the females. Cadoux, C. Hoffmann, J. Lewis, L. Parker Zielinski, M. Interestingly, adolescence appears to be a developmental period during which stress may have a consistent and lasting impact on drinking, as stressors such as social isolation and chronic intermittent stress led to increased ethanol intake among adolescent rodents.

Thus, ethanol consumption days were interleaved with stress exposure. Unexpectedly, intermittent stress exposure did not significantly impact ethanol drinking in males or females, and no significant sex differences in consumption were observed. Together, these data suggest that the IA2BC paradigm induced moderate levels of ethanol intake in both male and female adolescent rats, but that ethanol intake under these conditions was not responsive to mild intermittent stress. Recently predator odor stress has emerged as a promising model with which to study the effects of traumatic stress on alcohol consumption.

Neither single nor repeated exposure to TMT resulted in significant behavioral change in any of the behavioral assays, as such we were unable to distinguish a population of susceptible rats. Taken together these results show that single predator odor exposure is a promising model for studying comorbid PTSD and escalations in alcohol drinking, but that there should be a focus on developing better behavioral screens to distinguish between susceptible and resilient populations.

Doxazosin can also reduce ethanol intake in P rats. The current study was designed to evaluate the effect of doxazosin on voluntary ethanol intake in mice that experienced chronic intermittent ethanol CIE exposure and forced swim stress FSS. During Test 3, mice were injected with doxazosin 7. Both doses of doxazosin 7. Overlapping neuroadaptations in response to alcohol abuse and stress exposure may explain these interactions and reveal potential therapeutic targets, and these effects may differ by sex. Females with footshock stress history expressed more synaptic PDE10A relative to controls and males.

Males treated with corticosterone exposure expressed less synaptic PDE10A than controls, with no effect in females. Hoffman, A. Hess, Z. Sannsardo, A. Layman, K. Badanich, C. Kirstein, MS Kindy. Alcohol abuse is a prevalent concern worldwide and the relationship of alcohol consumption to traumatic brain injury TBI is a contentious one.

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Research often focuses on alcohol consumption increasing the likelihood of incurring a TBI, rather than alcohol use outcomes post TBI. This is at least partially due to a large percentage of patients visiting emergency rooms with TBIs have notable levels of alcohol in their blood. Likewise, increases in alcohol use disorders following TBI can be predicted by previous history of alcohol use.

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However, numerous studies have also shown patients without a history of an alcohol use disorder can experience increases in problem drinking after single or multiple TBIs. Due to the diffuse impact of alcohol consumption and mild TBI on the brain, it is likely that an interaction exists between TBI outcomes and problematic alcohol use after TBI. Results indicate there is not an increase in voluntary alcohol consumption following repetitive mild TBIs compared to mice who underwent sham procedures.

However, preliminary results suggest that chronic alcohol consumption has an impact on cognitive function. Additional work will be imperative to better understand the full impact of repetitive mild TBI on alcohol consumption and the potential interaction of neural mechanisms causing damage and functional deficits.

Fucich, Z.

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  • Stielper, P. Stoulig, S. Edwards, J. Middleton, N. Gilpin, P. However, the mechanism by which TBI to the sensorimotor cortex may increase alcohol drinking is unclear, and whether JZL treatment may ameliorate behavioral changes related to psychiatric comorbidities like AUD is unknown.

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    Stielper, E. Fucich, P. Edwards, P. Molina, N. Traumatic brain injury TBI is a growing national health concern; nearly 2. Preliminary data also suggest that mTBI alters eCB protein expression in the amygdala of alcohol drinking rats. Collectively, our results suggest that mTBI may alter amygdalar eCB signaling, and these alterations may represent a mechanism by which mTBI increases alcohol drinking.

    Jimenez Chavez, M. Coelho, T. Train, N.

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    Stailey, D. Lieberman, A. Baille, K. More moderate effects binge drinking history were observed for the other variables. These symptoms also manifest in alcoholic polyneuropathy, leading us to hypothesize that the two conditions may be pathophysiologically accretive. Interestingly, women appear to be more sensitive to both CRPS and alcoholic neuropathy, which may provide added biological insight into their underlying mechanisms. To better understand the physiology underlying these conditions, the purpose of this study was to develop a model of combined alcoholic neuropathy and CRPS in female rats.

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