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Those interested in having more specific information send an email to participate to eurocofradevela gmail. He will put in contact with interested members.

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They analyse the next celebration in Oporto and the possibilities that the Canary Islands and specifically Lanzarote can offer to accommodate an event of the Fraternity. They analyzed great races that could be developed internationally in the Canary Islands as a point of departure or arrival. Proposals for future Brothers. The result of the negotiations will be submitted to the Boards of Directors for consideration and approval in its case. Enrique Boissier. Nuestro cofrade Rafael Torrent ha escrito y presentado su nuevo libro. Esta regata fue de 1.

Our colleague Rafael Torrent has written and presented his new book.

Cofradía Europea de la Vela | European Fraternity of Sailing

The presentation took place last April 25 at the Yacht Club of Ciutadella by Enric Curt, who travelled expressly for it and representing Curt Ediciones. He was the organizer of 4 editions of the race. It talk about his experience in this race that it was also his baptism in the regattas. He explains the preparation of the race , the route like a logbook , and the conclusions. This race was 1, miles with only two crew on board, it took them 11 days to reach the finish.

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Cela Conde our brother of the Fraternity and in the presentation event Rafael was accompanied by another brother, Joaquim Coello. That demonstrates the support and participation of members of the Brotherhood in other activities of the brothers. The hall of the club was full with many people unable to sit.

En el programa adjunto se encuentran las condiciones para asistir, los horarios de embarque para traslado a la Isla y los costes a asumir por cada asistente.

The Galician Chapter organizes Cultural activities to all the brothers, colleagues and friends as a visit guided at 29 sites in the Island and fraternization dinner and meals. Though activities begin June 27 Forum will be held over two days on Saturday 28 and Sunday The presentations and speakers are:.

The accompanying agenda are the conditions to attend, shipment schedules to move to the island and the costs to be assumed by each attendee. Antonio Roquette izq.

Inauguration of the exhibition of Photography of the 20th anniversary of Infante Regatta , an event that was chaired by the Minister of Defence of Portugal and the Deputy Mayor of Oporto Municipality. All activities are conducted in an atmosphere of fraternity between the two guilds.

One area of collaboration it Could be the Infante Regatta, who talks about the maritime discoveries of the Portugueses. In previous years this Regata climbed the Douro river with great public attraction in their margins. In were 37 sailboats who participated. We have to give thanks to the member of Italy for the dissemination of the Fraternity in a country like Italy with such an important role in navigation tradition. Cofrades en Investidura de Santiago de Compostela. He explained the challenges of the professionalization and the sponsored in the sailing sport and the changes in this activity in Italy and the rest of the world.

Camino de Santiago ( Burgos - Santiago de Compostela )

Se ha organizado en dos rutas. Una por el Mediterraneo con 1. Los barcos se pueden unir en el puerto que quieran de las dos rutas. The Galician Association Asnauga, the government of Xunta de Galicia and the Galician Municipalities Federation, who is chairman our collaborator the major of the town of Ferrol are organizing the Saint James Nautical Voyage from June andJuly to commemorate the anniversary of the th of the birth of St. Francis of Assisi and the pilgrimage of St. Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela.

Formadores Homologados

It is organized into two routes. One for the Mediterranean with miles and 14 stages and other over the Atlantic with Ribadeo meeting point for boats from Ireland , UK and France. Therefore they will go together in flotilla to the Ria de Arosa. You can participate with your boat or as pilgrim sailor. Registration is free. No need to make the full journey. Boats can join in the port that you want about the two routes.

A nautical passport is stamped at the ports and you could achieve Compostelana and the Cotolaya awarded by Franciscan order and only this year if it has been done 90 miles and the journey is complete. On the web page www. This fraternity has a museum. Every year, boats come and make a procession between Portugal and Spain in Tui. Our Chapter of Catalonia will explore and manage care for this initiative. We know that the events on the endowment in Porto will be a success and the beginning of a new navigation of our people united.

All those brothers who want to participate with our Grand Master in the Endowment events in Porto put in contact with the CEV in our email address.. Already, we have received the photographs of all the events that have taken place in Santiago de Compostela from 7 to 9 March. There are a total of photograhies,in a 14 albums more than the 80 in album before. To facilitate the access and search of the photos, we have organized them in several albums according to the days and activities that took place each day.

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With this system we hope to make it easier and enlightening for all brothers or friends who want to know a little better our activities. Constantino, a pronunciar la conferencia inaugural del 1er. Joseph M. Constantino, to participate in the inaugural conferences of the 1st. The events of the European Sailing Fraternity in Santiago of Compostela has been a success of participation. All members and companions were sit down in the Cathedral to participate in the offer to Saint James.

The mass was made by the Brasilian Sao Paolo Bishop, a coincidence and a show of our an international relation with South America. Our Grand Master made the Official Offer to Saint James and afterwards the Botafumeiro started to work in the Cathedral with the big surprised of the participants in the event. In this welcome event and post cocktail the Fraternity gave a gift to the Municipality as part of our thanks for the collaboration.

The day started with a visit guided to the City of the Culture where it was possible to look the work of the architect Peter Eisenman. In all the event we could hear the music from the Ferrol Musician Band.

San Miguel de Allende

When the welcome has finished the Chancellor Xose Luis Blanco leaded the endowment ceremony where the Fraternity put the official capes and gave the official diploma as new member of the Fraternity. In the name of the new members one of them talked to the rest of the members and companions.

The Grand Master talked a welcome words to the new members and the Major of Ferrol closed the Ceremony. Outside it was taken the official Photo of the new and ancient members with the Gaias Buildings with a shell shape at the back of the photo. The European Sailing Fraternity is growing. It has increased its members from 92 in to in Geographically, also The Fraternity has increased from 5 to 22 countries. On this way, the Fraternity is increasing its knowledge and capacities as an International Think Tank in the sea and nautical area. Palabras de agradecimiento de nuevos cofrades.

Posiblemente las formas que conocemos y se han practicado para hacer frente a la crisis, no son siempre suficientes. La dificultad como casi siempre es acertar con el nuevo paradigma en el que movernos. The principles that we thought were universal ,possibly they are not so much ……….