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To expedite your request to be excused for medical reasons, please have your healthcare provider complete the Medical Excuse Form and forward it to Jury Services.

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All requests must be mailed, emailed or submitted online no less than ten 10 days prior to the reporting date to:. To make your stay with the Ninth Judicial Circuit as comfortable as possible, the Jury Assembly Room includes the following features at no cost to the jurors :.

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Check Reporting Status. Juror Feedback.

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  5. Reporting Instructions You must call for recorded instructions the evening before your reporting date to determine if your services will be required. If any of the below apply, please click Disqualification on the Juror Instructions page.

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    If any of the below apply, please click Excuse on the Juror Instructions page. If Step 2 on your summons instructs you to call for instructions, you are a call-in juror. You will be instructed to report only if additional jurors are needed.

    Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Providing Breastfeeding Mothers Option for Jury Duty Exemption

    Please be prepared to report mid-day if instructed to do so. If you cannot report to jury service on a one hour notice, click on Postponement after completing and confirming the questionnaire, and select a specific date Monday-Thursday to report to the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.

    Full-time students are required to serve. For security reasons, eJuror will not work outside of the United States. If you are currently or will be at the time of your jury service breastfeeding a child, you may request a postponement of up to 12 months.

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    To receive an application to serve on the Orange County Grand Jury, a full-time commitment for one year, please visit www. This is a volunteer opportunity and not associated with jury service.

    Click Here to Go to eJuror. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

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