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Cole Porter. Gerald Ford. Basketball Anatomy 1 , Brian J.

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Cole , Robert Panariello Editorial Reviews. It's one of the few books that Basketball Anatomy - Kindle edition by Brian J. Cole, Robert Panariello, Derrick Rose.

Download it once and read it on Similar books to Basketball Anatomy; Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download Andre Norton was one of science fiction and fantasy's most prolific authors,. And his circus story Mishka , featuring elephants, lions and seals, has, for all its high-spirited opulence, become obsolete along with the animal acts.

From the s onwards things got a bit more hit-and-miss. Not only did the judges recognise skill, they picked books that were highlights of careers.

More detailed records, though, reveal the books that were commended or highly commended, and, from only, full shortlists. This supplementary information shows that the also-rans often included great and enduring books. But there are a few years when, in my opinion, the choice was not just contentious, but wrong.

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It sets the story in the Jazz Age, and adopts an Art Deco style. It may have ticked boxes for movement through the book, or interaction of its half-rhyming text and image, but it is not a thing of beauty, with its stiff, squat, large-headed, slightly grotesque figures, and repetition of characters and postures to the point of dullness. It would not make the cut as a Sunday Times Book of the Week, let alone a picturebook of the year. The judges have sometimes been, perhaps, susceptible to fashion in illustration.

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It can be hard to see the mannerisms of a time without hindsight. Some images are timeless; some date.

  1. A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success.
  2. 'Everybody Loves Raymond' child actor Sawyer Sweeten commits suicide;
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His winner, Charley, Charlotte and the Golden Canary , has a quite different, psychedelic look, to go with its 60s social conscience. The shortlists reveal some interesting bridesmaids. One wonders if these were Marmite illustrators — loved by many but unappreciated by someone or several on the now large judging panel.

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And the esteemed Eric Carle eligible since has never got further than a longlist. The shortlists also reveal names that have fallen from glory. He lived in Greece and then the US before his death in , and most of his work is now out of print.