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Quin] coud be updated! Your site is truly a great source. Thanks Nate. Also, what an intriguing background this story has…. Do you have a spot where the stories are sorted by year and by the main character? Thank you for compiling this list. It is amazing! Five years after you originally published it still seems the best list I could find on the internet.

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The Man Who was No. 16

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By Doreen Sheridan

February 20, at am. Libby Bell. November 9, at am. November 20, at am. Her father, an American by birth, died after a series of heart attacks in when Agatha was One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is to have a happy childhood.

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I had a very happy childhood. Agatha did eventually receive some formal education in Paris when aged In she started boarding at a succession of pensions in Paris, where she lived for the next five years. Having previously been encouraged to play musical instruments by her parents, Agatha took lessons in piano and singing.

Such was her skill on the keys she could have gone on to become a professional pianist, but her shyness in front of others meant she was unable to pursue the dream. I used to play the piano a good deal and hoped when very young to be a professional, but was far too nervous. Agatha and Archie quickly fell in love and married two years after their first meeting, tying the knot on Christmas Eve in Emmanuel Church in Clifton, Bristol. The couple had a daughter, Rosalind, in Between October and December she clocked up over 3, hours of unpaid work. At the start of the following year she qualified as a dispenser and worked the role until the end of her service in September During this time she gained knowledge about poisons that she would later use in her stories.

Finally accepted by John Lane at The Bodley Head, the novel launched to great success and starred Poirot as its diligent detective. The Belgian sleuth went on to feature in 33 novels, 50 short stories and one play, and was played by David Suchet in 70 television adaptations. A guess is either right or wrong. If it is right you call it an intuition. If it is wrong you usually do not speak of it again.

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In the early s Christie became one of the first Britons to surf standing up. Leaving Rosalind at home with Clara, the Christies embarked on a world tour in to promote the upcoming British Empire Exhibition. First they headed to South Africa where they learned to surf prone bodyboarding.

Later in their tour the couple found themselves in Waikiki, Hawaii, where Agatha learned to surf standing up. Some believe that she was the first British women to surf this way. One of the greatest Christie mysteries was that of her own disappearance in December On 3 December, having allegedly argued with Archie, she left Styles, the family home in Sunningdale, without saying where she was going; a nationwide search was triggered when her car was found abandoned close to a nearby quarry. When she was found 11 days later in the Harrogate Hydropathic Hotel, Christie had no recollection of who she was.

It was an episode that Agatha rarely spoke of again. Joan Hickson's portrayal of Miss Marple is regarded as the the most faithful screen version of Christie's spinster sleuth. Not content with having created one world famous detective, Christie produced another, the elderly but astute Miss Marple.

A shrewd observer of human nature, Jane Marple was a highly skilled problem solver, even if she was just an amateur sleuth.

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Everybody is very much alike, really. The two had met on an archaeological dig in the Middle East and travelled to the area most years of their married life. A supreme creator of characters, Christie crafted one for herself in order to let off some literary steam.

Fusing her middle name with a surname gleaned from her family tree, she created Mary Westmacott to give herself the freedom to write something other than crime fiction.


Another, Absent in the Spring, was written in just three days. In a reviewer of the novel finally twigged that Westmacott was Christie but, even with her cover blown, she wrote three more titles under the pseudonym. It is that book that I am most pleased with having written. That is the greatest, proudest joy an author can have.

To this day, Christie remains one of most requested authors by users of the service.