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Jewish stories are part of the heritage of our people, often capturing the essence of Jewish experience. The stories in these volumes will provide hours of reading enjoyment for older children and teenagers. Parents and teachers will turn to them again and again when they are called upon to be storytellers themselves.

The contribution of Nissan Mindel to the treasury of Jewish stories is inestimable. Gloria February 11, Well, I read and much enjoyed volume one by this author so I am eagerly looking forward to reading his second volume. From the table of contents looks like a lot involves preparation skills in order to tell the wedding story.

I never would have thought of that!

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He also discusses the when and how of hiring an assistant. I bet that would be more helpful than we can even imagine on a wedding shoot. The author says it is not an option unlike the first chapter :- , but is crucial to success. He discusses one instance in which not having an assistant could mean no photos for the unhappy couple! He posits the example where a photographer sprained her ankle and was completely incapacitated for the rest of that day.

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Valenzuela is right-what in the world do you do then? You need an assistant. The author uses several case studies in teaching us how to prepare the bride and groom. He places his assistant in front of the subject of the photo to give direction while he stands to the side taking the actual photograph. Along the way he mentions a tip that I use in my family shots, too. I find I get the best pics that way.

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He spends much of an entire chapter on what kind of backgrounds to use, when and why. For example, do you use a monochromatic background or a pattern background?


He next describes the four types of wedding party group photos, which I found entertaining and helpful. He does suggest that you always take the traditional photos first because, whether they know it or not, the bride and groom will want those. Article text Fix this text.

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