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I had an extreme reaction to the author's deep understanding of "awakening" and her ability to describe many thoughts and feelings that I have experienced. I was repeatedly thankful that someone knew that all this stuff is going on! I felt great joy throughout many parts of the second half of this book! I was very moved when the author explained how her efforts to resist living in her inner world were exhausting.

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Any additional comments? I did not LOVE the first half of this book, because listening to the author's specific hardships about cancer made me uncomfortable, nevertheless, it is hard for me to say more objectively how others would feel about the first half of this book, that clearly fanned the flame of "my" dragon. Jan gives us a glimpse into the intimacy of her own awakening with candor and eloquence.

Her writing is soaked through with deep peace and freedom. She describes her awakening unapologetically, while giving hope to those of us still in between worlds.

Jan Frazier on Enlightenment (A reading from 'When Fear Falls Away)

Thank you, Jan. I highly recommend her recorded talks or better yet see her in person. Jan has a gift for writing. Important truths are conveyed in easy to understand ways. I enjoyed her voice.

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This is not about fear falling away. It is about an abstract writer who took pages out of her journal and read them. It was one of the most boring books I have ever listened to. Her voice was extremely monotone and monotonous.

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  6. I kept listening hoping it would get better. It never did. Would you recommend this book to a friend? I wanted to, but she is just not believable. How did the narrator detract from the book? Author "feels" depressed and sounds rather self obsessed. Did When Fear Falls Away inspire you to do anything?

    When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening |

    Go back to A Course In Miracles. Get Your Free Audiobook. By: Jan Frazier. Narrated by: Jan Frazier. Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins. Publisher's Summary In August , virtually overnight, Jan Frazier experienced "a dramatic falling away of fear" - not just the immediate fear of her annual medical test but, as she learned as time went on, her fear of everything.

    Face Fears For a True Spiritual Awakening

    What members say. No Reviews are Available. What would change? So…how would life be different? I would still wake up, do recitation and meditation, stretch, shower, eat breakfast, read, and all the other normal daily activities. Then this came to me: compare thought to a can opener which is simply another tool. If I need to open a can, I get out the can opener and use it to open the can.

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    Then I put it away. But, thought, even though it is a tool, is not put away as easily. I drive on automatic pilot, unconscious to the present moment. Fear, worry and anxiety would be turned off. I would use thought to remember the route to the store, to stop at stop signs, to turn on the turn signal…and I would be present and conscious doing these movements. Or I might look at okra and remember one of the worst meals I ever ate and laugh to myself thinking about that meal ten years ago.

    But, again, I would not be present, awake and aware in the moment. The world around you then feels fresh, new, and alive. The absolute reality is energy or consciousness experiencing itself. Humans are like sensing mechanisms that are on earth to experience consciousness in form. They are a more advanced species, however, because they also have the ability to report back a specific point of view.

    Humans, on the other hand, not only report an individual experience but also get so caught up in it that they forget they are on a sensing mission. So, humans get lost in the experience and develop an ego or mind continuum. This is why earth is referred to as a school and that we come here to learn lessons.

    It is a gradual process in the conventional reality. We come here as pure consciousness with senses and the ability to experience everything through an individual perspective. Therefore we have to work our way back to pure consciousness by going to school, learning lessons, evolving…and then we finally get to the point where we realize we never had to go through all that stuff anyway.

    When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening

    Consciousness, on the other hand, just is. It simply experiences itself: no lessons, no judgments, no comparisons…nothing but the joy of being in form. Jan Frazier, having dropped the sense of self, says she believes she is now in her last life on earth unless she chooses to come back to assist.

    The Bodhisattva has the choice because it is pure consciousness choosing a form. It is not an ego that selects a form in order to learn lessons. Do you see the difference? So, you see, as long as you think you are a mind-stream, a mind continuum, or an ego, you have to attend school.

    I repeat: humans are consciousness in form: sensing-mechanisms with the ability to experience an individual point of view.

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    We are a step in the evolutionary process. We are already what we are trying to become. It is realized as part of the illusion. So, as long as I believe I am a separate ego then I have to go through the process of love, sociability, and timelessness. But if I let go of the ego and the need for lessons…done. All we are here to do is experience consciousness in form and, in a sense, report back to the information field—the One consciousness.

    Now, because energy is on an evolutionary path to realize itself and report back what experience in form is like, it continues evolving so that an individual consciousness can report back without getting lost in the experience. We are moving in that direction. As consciousness evolved it had to develop the brain and ego so that thought could take place and report back.

    In the process, the development of thought the rational process overstepped its bounds like kudzu growing everywhere in the South and created the illusion that the individual was a completely separate entity.